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The Prisoners drop-kicked bland 80s pop in the face with their raw blend of the Small Faces, Jam, Go-Go instrumentals and 60s garage band snot. Yet, after four albums, a handful of 45s, and a dynamic performance on The Tube, the band split in the mid-80s with little recognition. Then, in 1989, Deep Purple organ licks, soulful chugga chugga drumming and non-treated guitars were back in favour, as the Inspiral Carpets and Charlatans made career from the Prisoners' sound. Ten years later, the Prisoners' prime movers have returned to basics. The Solarflares' albums puts to shame the imitators who've climbed the charts over the last decade. Power house garage, psychedelic Hendrix guitars, a dose of punk rock and songs with hooks mark an incredible return to form. über Solarflares über Psychedelic Tantrum
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