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It’s a rainy, miserable Sunday night, yet the Tyne is packed out. It’s obvious that word has spread about the Solar Flares since their last visit to Newcastle.
The band hail from London, and are fronted by Graham Day and Allan Crockford of 80’s garage heroes the Prisoners. Although usually a three-piece, tonight there’s an extra member on stage with them (the ubiquitous Parsley) who fills in on organ.
They have that raw punk sound of the mid 60’s freakbeat bands, although there’s a big mod influence to their music, and indeed their sharp-suited image.
It’s reminiscent of Detour’s heroes the Clique, and at times the Small Faces. The set played tonight is taken mainly from their upcoming album ‘Psychedelic Tantrum’.
The sound is truly powerful as songs like ‘Mary’, ‘The shadow of the past’ and the sci-fi soundtrack sounding instrumental ‘Apollo Go Go’ are delivered. They seem to get more and more into the gig as the night goes on, and towards the end Graham is in amongst the audience as he delivers his guitar solos.
For the encore, a cover of Fire’s classic ‘Father’s name is dad’ is played, before the band finally leave the stage, heading swiftly towards the bar leaving the adrenaline fuelled crowd yelling for more.
Grant Jones

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